Jacqueline Smyth's Eye Surgery  -  October 2, 2006

This section of Miss Jackie's web site got started because a friend ask her to take pictures during the healing process since her husband was considering the same procedure for himself.

Aging with some people causes the eye lids to droop to the point of having their vision impaired as was the case with Jackie at age 70.

AND, like most people she put off the surgery due to the anxiety that goes with most any surgery procedure.

Much of her apprehension could have been avoided had there been a web page such as this one.

Using local anesthesia only, the procedure took approximately 2 hours total.

Within 30 minutes after surgery she was in the car headed home.

Jackie's procedure was accomplished at Orange Regional Medical Center in Orlando Florida by Dr. Brian D. Haas, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Jackie and her husband, Ray found Dr. Haas, and his entire office staff to be highly competent and more than a pleasure to work with.

Ray is not easily impressed and does not often endorse anyone because of the standards he sets. In this case he considers it worthy of making it known to others who may require such a procedure.

Jackie's "Before" and "After" photographs may be viewed by:.. Clicking:...  HERE

Jackie's Healing Process may be viewed with photographs by:.. Clicking:...  HERE

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